BAYRUT, The Cookbook

BAYRUT The Cookbook
is my first published book

Worldwide release: October 19, 2021

A stunning, authentic, and evocative cookbook on the food of Beirut – the heart of Lebanon.

Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, is an exhilarating, chaotic city with a tumultuous past yet a thriving, vibrant foodie reputation. Perfectly poised between the Middle East and the Mediterranean, Lebanese cuisine is hugely popular — famed for its varied and flavourful regional dishes that emphasise whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables, and seafood.  

Beirut’s ever-changing, often turbulent, heritage means that its food has evolved an exciting character of its own. In this book, Hisham Assaad shows you the best the city has to offer, with accessible, delicious recipes, ranging from the classics to more modern fare. He tells the story of a city with energy and diversity, of multiple cultures and traditions, with ever-popular street food, a thriving restaurant and café scene, and traditional family favourites handed down through generations. Learn to create lavish breakfast spreads, traditional Sunday feasts, fresh and vibrant salads, easy and nutritious suppers, or even a delectable afternoon tea with tempting perfumed sweets and delicacies. 

With stunning food and travel photography, this book will transport you to the cultural melting pot that is Beirut — a city that excels at mouth-watering food.

“The energy, diversity and intoxicating food culture of Lebanon’s vibrant capital Beirut (aka, Bayrut), make it one of the most incredible cities in the Middle East. Famed for its varied, flavourful dishes that emphasize whole grains, fresh fruits, vegetables and seafood, Beirut is a true foodies paradise.” –EAT YOUR BOOKS


Wherever you get your books from.
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Check online stores, just search for Bayrut The Cookbook – Hisham Assaad and check your favorite store that delivers in your area


Librarie Antoine (in store and online)

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The publisher’s website


Barnes & Nobles;jsessionid=7F848DA56DF1EF281B819BCCA3B28F3F.prodny_store02-atgap03?ean=9781925811698




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