Rose Petal Jam

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Surrounded by nature all around, it would be ridiculous not to use nature’s gifts that are presented on the door steps here.

We’ve been coming here to Hardine to help fix our friend’s house since March.

I’ve witnessed how nature changed from its idle state of slumber to its vibrant blossom and now with its lively greenery. It evolved with every passing week. It is fascinating seeing how silently nature worked to emerge those buds from the lifeless limbs of wood then for those buds to become blossoms and leaves.

Blooming April Week 3 - cookin5m2 -0268Blooming April Week 3 - cookin5m2 -0281

Across the doorstep from where we were staying is this large bush of roses – Ward Jouri to be precise. It is the the roses used to make the famous rose water. The fragrance hits me every morning and much like Jean-Baptiste in Perfume I HAD AN URGE to preserve this fragrance and store it for later.

It was my first time that I tried cooking with flowers. But ever since I’ve been surrounded with nature, I’ve been adding it to my food. It shows in my recent posts

Blooming April Week 3 - cookin5m2 -0277Rose Petal Jam Hardine Recipe - cookin5m2 -1156Rose Petal Jam Hardine Recipe - cookin5m2 -1166

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Rose Petal JamTINY-Rose Petal Jam Hardine Recipe - cookin5m2 -1149


  • 4 cups rose petals
  • 3.5 cups sugar
  • 1 cup water
  • 2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 2 tbsp rosewater (optional)


  • Pick the freshest most fragrant roses, or buy them when in season
  • Wash and dry the rose petals making sure to get rid of insects. Rub with 2 cups of sugar in a bowl and leave covered with cling film in the fridge overnight
Put a small saucer in the freezer to test the thickness of the jam
  • In a pot, bring the water and the remaining sugar to a simmer until the sugar completely dissolves in the water. Add the lemon juice then the rose petals and simmer on medium low heat for 20 minutes stirring occasionally
  • Put the fire on medium high for 5 minutes for the jam to thicken. To test it, spoon a drop over the saucer from the freezer. If it hardens towards the edges and crinkles when pushed, then it’s done. If not, boil for a minute or two
  • If you feel that your roses aren’t fragrant enough, add some rosewater towards the end to avoid losing its scent
  • Pour in sterilized jars in the cabinet. Once opened, keep refrigerated

Strawberry Granola Bowl of Sunshine

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It’s been raining here for two days now. That ain’t stopping me tho!

Yo Rain, Cash me ousside, how bow dat?

I went to kick this storm in the butt. I walked out in the mist, defying all the horrific thoughts that stormed in my head about some monster jumping out of the mist to attack me. I calmed myself whenever I walked into a set of tangling trees whose branches are having an endless orgy for years. I calmed myself away from the idea that a beast might be lingering and I’m disturbing its natural habitat, especially when I hear them beasts of owls and wolves and foxes and other wild animals calling for something so loudly at nights all over the valley. Fortunately, all I ever found is countless tiny frogs jumping right and left as I walk by. I guess I squished hundreds or thousand of them, those who weren’t fast enough to hop to safety. I don’t think I’l be trying cooked frog legs any time soon. Continue reading

Fool Mdammas – Broad Beans and Chickpeas

I seriously have a problem that I need to talk to you about.

I need to know if I’m alone in this.
If you feel the same as I do, please let me know and release me from my agony.

From the moment I open my eyes, sometimes even before I open them, I start thinking of what to have for breakfast. I get up and start making something to eat

Am I alone in this?

Probably this is why I have so many breakfast recipes on this blog.

PIN - Fool Mdammas - Broad Beans and Chickpeas Recipe - cookin5m2 -9392 copy Continue reading

Wild Zaatar Scrambled Eggs & Blooming April


You should know by now that I am a sucker for nature activities.

Apart from all the camping trips, road trips, and hikes that I’ve been a part of in the past couple of years, one project still stands out with so beautiful joyful memories; our rural lunch events.

Zaatar Scrambled Eggs and Blooming April - cookin5m2 -9162

After a few camping trips, our friends were teased by all the posts and the fun times we share. They asked us to reveal our hideout. We did during the Autumn Secret saga that took place on three Sundays in September and October.

Continue reading

Naturally Colored Easter Eggs

It’s Easter again!

PIN-Easter eggs natural color - cookin5m2 -9897

This time of the year when nature wakes up from a long slumber bringing back out all the buds it tucked away inside its tough brown coat from the harsh winter. Trees may look dead, frail and leafless, but they’re busy working in silence, to shine with the most magical season of the year.

After a period of hibernation, work was being done silently.

In the past couple of months, I went back to my 5m² kitchen with a fire to cook something. In the meantime I cooked a new identity, a blossoming one that reflects my constant passion for food and nature. Continue reading