The Spill

It is Monday you guys and it’s time for THE SPILL

What’s spillin’?


Let’s begin!

  • The Oscars…. Have you guys been keeping up? Because I havent. I don’t think I’ve watched any of the films nominated except the Lebanese “The Insult” entry for best Foreign film. I read that they didn’t win. Better luck next time
  • People didn’t like The Insult. I did. It is well done, despite tackling a sensitive topic. But that’s the point. We need to talk about these subject not bury them. I thought the actors did a great job in the film despite that I don’t like Adel Karam in other appearances
  • Speaking of Adel Karam, I saw this article destorying him on VICE. It is in Arabic, but in brief, and according to the journalist, he felt hostile and his manager only wanted to talk about how he is the first Arabic personality on Netflix. But to me and the journalist, his comedy is subpar. Do you agree?
    Click here for the article in English
  • This weekend I watched another Lebanese Cinema production; Heaven Without People by Lucien BouRjeily. It was nice, well shot, but to us it felt like watching our family on a family feast for an hour before something happens. It could have worked as a short film in my opinion. I’ll have to give credits for the sincere acting and for the wonderful filming. Go watch it and see for yourselves
  • I have watched some of the latest theater works in Beirut: Victoria, and Shakhta Shakhtein. But I am more excited now about Camille Salameh’s latest Torra Na2cheh. Some people have been working well on a great level and some are raising it. For that I’l quote Camille Salameh post today after attending the Academy Awards; “Let’s raise the bar higher and higher. Let’s work on better theater and cinema


  • Speaking of creative work, don’t you just hate when you see some work being taken, rearranged,reorchestrated, without giving credits to the original work? This is the case with the latest Sanita Lebanon TV Commercial. I instantly recognized the music from The Leftovers, which I have been obsessing over

Enough with that. Let’s talk about food!

  • I will be cooking in Bread and Salt in two weeks from now on the 17th of this month. I will announce the menu soon but book yourselves for a delicious brunch. Don’t you miss my cooking?
  • I remember when I started blogging how I wouldn’t post anything without having someone proofread and check that things are impeccable to me. This is why I take so much time to produce a post and make sure it is of added value and not just a link from a website with a picture. This won’t change
  • Recipe writing is not as easy as it sounds. You need to know how to guide people through written words and make it easy to follow instruction. This link of funny cooking comics is so true

2 thoughts on “The Spill

  1. Agree for the insult and Adel Karam and his mate Hisham too, same same for me!
    As for Lucien’s movie I was hesitant to watch it because even in the trailer you fear that it would be too long for limited events, without underestimating the production for sure!
    The theater plays, oh I already feel ashamed of missing few already, did you watch Shakhta Shakhtein or planning too? There is also 7aki rjel…
    Yuhu hopefully will be able to join the brunch, yeah surely miss your cooking!
    And for the rest, walaw BLOGGERS!


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