You’re the Chips to my Burger

On that hot day I made burgers and burger buns from scratch, I made some potatoes and beet chips. It was so hot it was unbearable to keep clothes on with the oven and 2 fryers operating in the five square meters kitchen. I was working with nothing but my short shorts and undershirt on to catch the sweat dripping from my arms.

Stop visualizing my buns! I’m here to talk about my chips


I love chips. I sometimes feel like having a whole bag of store-bought flavored chips by myself with, or without, my favorite beer 961. And I do. This is what got me to apologize to my body and undergo a detox.

I was flipping through the food blogs I like and discovered the best way to make chips. Tried and Tested. It takes a bit more time and effort but it’s worth it. So worth it that my family ate them all leaving me with the handful I took photos of. They were crispy, golden brown and adequately salted and so desirable I wouldn’t hesitate frying some more. But… It’s fried. I can only cheat from time to time. We can agree on that, right?


I took benefit of the beets season as well to experiment with baking and frying beet chips. I can’t say that it was a success, but I can’t say it was a failure either. Rarely did the baked chips turn out well and not burnt and the fried ones took a lot of time and some of them didn’t get to the desired crispiness.


The trick to get the most crispiness of the fried chips, the trick is to soak them in ice-cold water to get some of the starch out, then drying them as much as possible before dipping them in the hot oil. You need to work fast or prepare everything ahead of time to keep up with the pace of the fryer.

Serve these delicious chips with your burgers. You will be happy.


Potatoes and Beet Chips


  • 3 potatoes
  • 3 red beets
  • Salt
  • Vegetable oil


  • Wash and scrub the potatoes and beets
  • Cut into very thin slice, by hand if you have a steady hand or with a mandolin if you have a strong large one
  • Dunk the thinly sliced vegetables in ice-cold water for 5 minutes
  • Drain and spread on a kitchen or paper towel
  • Pour the oil in a wide pot and heat well
  • Dry the potato chips completely and fry in small batches and be careful not to overcrowd them
  • Keep a close eye at the chips because they can turn from golden to burnt in a second
  • Drain well, place on paper towel and sprinkle with salt

Fry the beet chips using the same procedure yet it takes longer. The oil will turn a little red so fry the beets after frying the potato chips


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