The Spill

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  • The habit was to share a photo of me licking something I spilled. But this week I spill some gorgeousness with this hot haircut. What do you think? Delusional? 😂
  • Recently read an article about a Tinder nightmare. That guy who fooled a girl into believing he’s filthy rich only to start asking her for money on the promise that he’d return but he never did. This is some scary shit. No, not the money thing. But being fooled that someone is deeply in love with you only to turn out to be all fake.
    Oh wait… that happens even without a scammer. Damn
  • I am not on tinder…anymore. Or any other app. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have my share of DRAAMMMAAAAA.
    I AM THE DRAMA, mamma!

  • In my previous post, I babbled about self love and all that. But one night, an idea came to my mind and it hit deep. Real deep. Here it goes:
    We are never the same with each morning that comes. Yet we are asked to understand and love ourselves nevertheless. But that “self” is ever changing, so we need to wake up, and remind ourselves of all the things we love about ourselves.
    But we if we stop changing for some time, fully know and love this version of us, AND ONLY THEN we are allowed to level up.
    Give it a thought. I am submitting that idea to God for consideration. Does He still use a fax machine?

Ok back to reality now.

  • Am I the only one not excited about The Lion King live-action remake? Well, to put things into perspective, I haven’t been watching films lately.
  • But what I would have is a warm cup of hot chocolate! You’ll take yours straight, with red wine, or some bourbon?

  • Speaking of drinks… it is a treat to me to go to my favorite bar, especially when that bartender (my instagram friends know who I’m talking about) knows how to fix me my favorite Gin Dirty Martini. Three olives please!

Speaking of Instagram, no I’m not gonna ask you AGAIN to follow me there. But here is THE SPILL.

  • If you know people who are active on that platform and they’re labeled as influencers, you might have also heard of the term Instagram Pods or support groups. These are groups created to fight the terrible instagram algorithm that wouldn’t show your post to your followers for several conditions.
    The real spill is that on these groups, some people post content that is neither aesthetically pleasing nor adds anything to anyone. But pod members are forced to like and comment on each and every new post published. That’s when you notice the same comments from the same people, mostly an emoji, or “wow”, “nice pic”, or any of these meaningless comments.
    I am not in one. I cannot bring myself to comment nicely on those pics. I have actually commented with remarks questioning how genuine these photos are. Like asking someone who has a huge spread of food in front of them if they would eat that, or asking the same to someone promoting junk food knowing that they’re on a detox, day in day out, or if the post is sponsored when there’s a CLEAR product placement (it is worse when it’s a cooking product being promoted by someone who never cooks), and so on.
    BITCH I will say it to your face!
    Stop fooling people.
    I will not share a product that I don’t use or like.
    If I’m paid to promote something (or getting something in return) I WILL FUCKING SAY IT!
    Learn some transparency and maintain.your.credibility

Rant over!

Now, another instagram thing.

  • First, something heartwarming. I am still not used to going to places or events and talking to people only to tell me they know me from instagram. I feel like I’m missing out  because I have to know them back. But I got 3 or 4 persons yesterday at a small event telling me they know and follow me on instagram or that I’m an inspiration to them in food photography. I seriously got the nervous smile on and I was all red blushing. But it is so cool to see how my work is translated in the real world.
  • Now, let’s get bitchy again!
    I’ve been getting across some weird close-ups of photos on my feed. Really meaningless. It is only when I go to their profile do I understand what that is. The profile is going after spreading an image over 6 instagram squares meant to be viewed from the profile feed.
    But what they end up doing is spamming our feed with meaningless close-up crops of what could be a good image. And no, I’m not speaking of the. penis-shaped burger tower covered in cheese sauce from top to bottom 🤢
    To share a positive thing about this, here is my favorite grid-based account. The account is best viewed from mobile. The grid looks amazing, plus each individual image is a stand-alone photo

cart0lina instagram screenshot the spill cookin5m2.PNG

  • Let’s stop this madness for a moment. I have a brilliant discovery to share with you! I have found my favorite thing on the internet, and NO, it’s not porn you perv. But close enough.
    It is “Mrs Crocombe” in her Victorian kitchen, sharing what a kitchen boss in that era would prepare. It is a series of videos from the historical interpretations of that castle. I AM HOOKED!

One thought on “The Spill

  1. I am happy that you are sharing your thoughts again ! I discovered Mrs crocombe this past summer. Great content.
    I have been listening to spilled milled podcast for a year now .it’s a comedy show about food hosted by molly wizenberg and Matthew amster Burton. I listen to their silly jokes while cooking dinner every night .check it out .have a good day


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