The Spill

The Spill

A new section where I can share what’s on my mind on this blog without bombarding those who are here for the recipe with my nonsense. Just to make it clear from the start, this section is inspired by Tuesday Things by Jessica Merchant, a food blogger I’ve been following since 2011 probably.  So people, don’t go around saying I stole that signature lipstick pose

The Spill-03.png

Bear with me this time, it is a bit long but it’s been a while!

  1. January was calm for me. A very long hangover from whatever exhausted me last year. And boy, that was a lot! Yet, I still have no idea why it’s taking me so much to recover. Is it the rain and cold weather? How are you feeling during this rather long month?
  2. I celebrated my 30th birthday. I kept things very low-key and celebrated by having a calm drink with a few friends, and by having a pizza and wine night in and playing my new favorite game; Cards Against Humanity.
    Hisham Assaad Cookin5m2
  3. I formed a Chick Squad to tackle all my haters. I also wore a turban to face Taylor Swift with her red hair and her leather-dressed chick squad. Girl! My squad will be clucking around and I’m sure it’ll sell more than ever will!
    Chick squad turban cookin5m2.jpg
  4. On a warm Saturday, my sister was driving to the mountains, so I tagged along and surely grabbed my camera and took some photos. We went to their camping site and we saw the marvels of nature; water overflowing, leaves filling the ground cushioning our bare feet, and fungus and small flowers growing out of the dirt. Can’t wait for spring!

    Back to foods!

  5. Current obsessions: Don Eatery and Meats and Bread! It wouldn’t be weird at all to see me at one of these two sitting on my own slurping some noodles or sucking the meat off the bones of some delicious chicken wings! If you see me there, please do come by and let’s clink glasses
  6. Tawlet Souk El Tayeb Kicked off their catering services and I was among those on their invitation list (thanks Cindy) along with the incredible Taste Lebanon team. Congrats Dima for the great efforts!
    tawlet catering dima cookin5m2.jpg
  7. It is shameful to be the son of a butcher and not eat raw meats. But thanks to Bethany, I am pushing myself to trying raw kibbe more and more. And allow me to say that I’ve tasted The Holy Grail of Kibbe Nayye from the hands of Georgina, one of the lady cooks at Tawlet. My god. I had to pinch myself to see if it’s real or it’s all the wine I had been drinking. Don’t look at me like that, it’s free booze! And it was my favorite St. Thamos Obeidy
    tawlet kibbe nayye cookin5m2.png

  8. Amaretti sent me a beautiful tray filled with their goodies that my family and I wiped out. My favorite was the meringue covered in dark chocolate and the mendiant. I also attended the opening of their new Achrafieh branch and had the chance to meet the owners
    amaretti cookin5m2.jpg
  9. Another sweets shop, Whisk, gave a tasting for a selected instagram users who post photos of food. It is making some interesting desserts by reinventing them through shape and sometimes content, but what it lacks most is the refinement such beautiful desserts deserve. I’d try it again though
    Whisk pastry cookin5m2whisk pastry cookin5m2 red velvet hisham assaad
  10. Would it be too much if I tease you that I’m trying the new menu items at Meats and Bread this week? I’m an “good” “influencer“… I get free stuff without me asking for them. In case you are thinking “What a jerk Hisham is”, go ahead and google The White Moose Cafe and start expecting some similar satire to start popping up here and there.


Tell me what you think of this in the comments and let me know what you’d like to see on the blog

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