The Spill

Another week is done and we start another one in February. What happened last week? Read along!


  1. I visited Wesley’s Wholesale store for the first time. I’m surprised by the amount good stuff they have. Although some things are expensive and I have no use for right away, I still bought a lot and went with a big bill!
  2. It was a great pleasure to have the TasteLebanon team for lunch. We shared an exquisite Moghrabieh pot with my parents, prepared excellently by my mom. I gave them a tour in the camp where I live and they reignited my love for the neighborhood.
    Processed with VSCO with q7 presetthe spill 002-moghrabieh-cookin5m2
  3. Happy birthday Zomato on your 3rd anniversary. I might have stated before that I don’t like reviewing on that app myself and I’m not keen on the strategies some users perform to get free invites, yet I still showed up got a couple of free drinks because I use the app sometimes.
    Pro Tip fellow “bloggers”: Don’t kiss up to anyone!
    the spill 002-4031-cookin5m2.jpg
  4. For mom’s birthday, my sister and I treated all three of us with a massage and boy, I was in such a bad shape. It is slightly embarrassing the sounds that came out of me during the shoulder rub
    the spill 002-IMG_3973-cookin5m2.JPG
  5. Crossing 30, it is said that the risk of health issues are higher. And since I eat a lot and exercise little, getting my health checks was a priority. And fortunately, my tests were great
  6. Now that my health is not at risk, let’s create a health risk by clogging an artery or something. My instagram direct went crazy with people who barely talk to me to inquire about the Chinese place I posted a story about. If you’re looking for a cheap place, it is called Hao Hao in Zalka. It is ok, but they use MSG (google that, „foodie“) and I could taste it sharply
    the spill 002-3947-cookin5m2.jpg
  7. If that wasn’t enough, I’m glad I came out alive after Friday’s visit to Meats and Bread. Hanine (PtitnFit) and I sampled and commented on new menu items before they were released. So many good stuff and I ate like a pig (no pun intended). Follow my stories as I will feature all the items to wait for soon!
    the spill 002-4112-cookin5m2.jpg
    the spill 002-0985-cookin5m2.jpg
  8. There’s this smell that hits you and calls you to open the bag of leftover or takeaway food with stale french fries in it. It’s weird how some fries still taste good even stale. And yes, I took the leftovers from Meats and Bread to enjoy later
  9. I’ve never been a whiskey drinker. Beer, gin, and wine, fortified wine, make me drool. But cocktails with whiskey and bourbon are delicious to me. Which alcohol is your ultimate go-to?
    the spill 002-whiskey-cookin5m2.jpg
  10. A young girl sent me a request from the newspaper website she works for asking for a recipe and photo to be used in their website. Yet their only accreditation was mentioning my name as (quoting her voice-note here), „recipe by chef whatever“. I was terribly hesitant first by the approach style that was not very professional and by the fact that my recipe will be posted without any link back to my original content here on my blog. I asked my lovely instagram followers and most of them screamed NO.
    Were you in my position, what would you have done?
    I said no by the way
  11. It’s the last of the snow here in Lebanon, unless we get another storm. We couldn’t miss the chance to go up the mountains and get ourselves the annual dose of the fluffy white snow. We were so far away in North Lebanon that we got welcome messages from the Syrian telecom companies
    the spill 002-9916-cookin5m2.jpgthe spill 002-4181-cookin5m2.jpg
  12. On our way back, my sisters decided to go into a Pizza Hut restaurant (should I review it like a “foodie”? O La La) and as we stepped in, a very familiar smell wafted across, digging up some distant memories of when my parents used to take us to fast food places back when we were in UAE. The brain works in fascinating weird ways
    the spill 002-4194-cookin5m2.jpg
  13. Lastly, there’s nothing better than to end my week with a healthy dose (a big BIG bowl) of pot-popped popcorn and a bottle of craft beer!
    the spill 002-4128-cookin5m2.jpg

How was your week? Share your stories in the comment

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One thought on “The Spill

  1. This Spill will be my new favorite read! Thank you for the differentiation foodie-blogger!
    And oh Chef Whatever, the queen enjoyed her meal alot too! Thank you for the great company!
    As for the leftovers, YES WE DO PACK for whoever is reading, you also should do that!

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