The Spill

It’s Monday and it’s time for THE SPILL!!!

What’s Spillin’?

Some good stuff this week so grab your popcorn and come on in

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Easter Breakfast Kaak Asfar 2018-0469 LOGOHappy EASTER

It was Easter weekend! We’ve had some good food, lots of sweets, some chill time. How did you spend your weekend?

I’m not sure you know this about me, but I was the leader of the choir at the local church. It was habitual for me to participate in the holiday prayers as part of the choir. But mind you, it was not a celestial ride. We’ve been assigned with a priest who is so tone deaf it’s borderline comical. Mass was a cringe-face exercise for most of the people. Not to mention that mass has been so so so long because he insists on reading everything with that tone-deaf and terrible voice of his and not missing a single line from the book

The spill April 2-6271 cookin5m2 church dbayeh

Being the blunt boy I am, I went to him after Friday’s prayers and told him that he needs to chop out all the parts that no one adds anymore except him. But I also told him the choir is here for him should he need help learning the ever-popular “Al Massih Qam” chant that my cat started reciting after my neighbor kept playing it aloud all week long

It passed. Until the next holiday. I’ll work on having less pronounced cringe face features or gather funds to buy an autotune box for the church

The spill April 2-6332 cookin5m2.jpg

Speaking of food, when is my Diet Monday coming? This is an example of our lunch table at our uncle’s house in the moutains. I’ve been eating so much I’ve got some lots of parts spillin’. Diet Monday, where art thou?

If you’re celebrating Easter this coming Sunday, you might want to take a look at my Easter and Easter-related recipe collection here

Sipping tea tenor.gif

I haven’t posted any spill last week in an attempt to be a good boy and not cause trouble on the Holy Week. IT IS DONE NOW. Let’s spill some more hot tea

You know what’s the latest trend? Walking advertisements disguised as influencers. Don’t get me wrong, we are all making money by whoring ourselves online, but we are not all alike. It irks me to see some instagrammers jumping from one brand to another inconsistently and insincerely that it’s obvious how paid they were to post whatever mediocrity they created. Long lost genuineness!

I might come off as a jealous bitch. But really, I am not. I am so happy with the authentic tone I serve on my blog and instagram, and by the heartwarming replies from those who can see and appreciate this. Anyways, I am making money from using an actual talent!

minion mic drop.gif

Speaking of which, I’ve been noticing some instagrammers who can’t stop tagging brands in their terribly photographed dishes and they still hope brands would notice them and repost their atrocious creations to gain exposure. Reality Check: you lady are only getting more tired faces than anything, despite your 10k+ followers

Saved the best for last. Hold your wigs and I hope you still have some popcorn left

This might have been a dream, or worse; a nightmare. But it feels so real.
It’s about a beloved food brand that had the nerve to steal an idea proposed by blogger THEY approached for a collaboration. They took that idea and gave it to an instagrammer whose photos lack style, whose hands lack basic hygiene and manicure, and whose food skills do not exceed –they don’t, seriously– properly cracking an egg.
Happy Easter hunny, get those eggs crackin’

That’s all for this week! I’m getting the branded mop to wipe off all what I’ve spilled and tagging that mop’s brand account maybe for future collaboration ideas.

In the meantime, enjoy the green almonds while they last

The spill April 2-6350 cookin5m2.jpg

Got any more spills? You know my inbox!

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2 thoughts on “The Spill

  1. hahaha i’m laughing so hard !!
    “…..whose hands lack basic hygiene and manicure….” hmm i’m a little skeptical … seriously ?
    have some green almonds for me !
    happy easter ! cheers xx


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