Jamie Oliver’s Hot Cross Buns

Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Buns recipe - cookin5m2-3Jamie Oliver's Hot Cross Buns recipe - cookin5m2-6

Happy Easter to those who celebrated Easter this past week.

Eventhough I am not a full time employee this year, but I enjoye celebrating both holidays. I am a Greek Catholic, and our holiday was last month. I like the traditions I grew up to especially when I was a devout church boy and the leader of our church choir. I love the chants from Good Friday; sad, melancholic, and glorious at the same time. I attended both celebrations. Can’t get more Easter-y than this 😋 Continue reading

Hot Cross Muffins

I’ve seen hot cross buns on the internet but never knew they were Easter recipe, and Good Friday in particular. This month, I bought my third issue of the Jamie magazine, spring issue, and saw a new twist on the hot cross buns. I said to myself, let’s give it a try.

Easter Hot Cross Muffins From Jamie Oliver Magazine Recipe  - Cookin5m2-3Easter Hot Cross Muffins From Jamie Oliver Magazine Recipe  - Cookin5m2-7

The recipe for Hot Cross Muffins in the magazine is gluten free, but since I have no problem with gluten, I used regular ingredients I can easily get. These muffins are sweet, flavorful, soft, and moist on the inside. They are enjoyable on their own, or with a cup of strong coffee, french press I’d say, during any time of the day. Continue reading

Mushroom Farfalle and Quick Spinach Salad by Jamie Oliver

How many times have you drooled over what is being cooked in a TV show but you were too lazy to cook it, memorize it, or even write it down? It feels like the sight, the virtual drooling and the imagined smell are just enough. Clearly it’s not. But shamelessly I often stick to the pretty visuals. 

creamy mushroom farfalle and spinach salad_cookin5m2-4

One night I watched Jamie Oliver cooking something in his show ‘Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals’. Have I missed the time when he declared war on Rachel Rey? Will she strike back with 5-minute meals cooking show? I hope not. I can imagine her opening a can of food, heating it on the stove, because it takes more time than a microwave, and serving it. I bet she’d call them gourmet dishes as well. Who knows! Continue reading