The Spill

It’s another week and it’s time for THE SPILL!!

How you Spillin?

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When THE SPILL is so good!

Let me start off by saying how blessed I feel with the people I meet and work with, and how grateful I am for the friends I have close by

If you’re really my friends and you’re in Beirut this Saturday, I’m cooking and serving brunch at Bread and Salt. You better show up! It is one delicious menu, so don’t miss it!

It is fascinating how I meet someone I barely had interactions with although we’ve been following one another on instagram for some time yet the conversation flows so naturally for a little close to an hour. It’s like we were old lost friends.
I live for such connections

My mind was malfunctioning last week in anticipation for the long weekend work streak. Working for 11 hours a day for 4 consecutive days got me going crazy with a zombie face as I buy the ingredients for the following day . This is the reason why this post is published late this week.

I am so excited to share photos and videos of the shooting and behind the scenes, but that has to wait till after April 1st. So hold on. It’s frustrating to keep it in. But I’ll say this: We were filming some recipes for a brand. My pretty hands will be all over the internet next month. So if you want to shake my hands, do it now before they get famous

The I’m-30-and-shit mentality is kicking in. I was in a bar I used to go to. I got to the bar this Friday after the first filming day but all I could think of was the crowd is too young and the music is too loud. I just wanted to go home and sleep. Can you relate?


Take no break. Done with the shooting then I’m going to the office to design a flyer for Beirut DC for their Beirut Cinema Screenings. They’ll be screening 4 films by 4 female Arab directors. Try and attend any of them

On a brain-dead note, does anybody here watch The Wendy Williams show? The show went on hiatus, due of her illness, only two weeks after winning me as a viewer. It was only after watching so many HOT TOPICS that I decided to start THE SPILL as my own spin on hers. Minus that whole lotta sass. Now I can’t wait for it be back

Keeping up with the sass up,….
This week’s advice, if you are sending someone a nude in the DMs on instagram, be smart enough not to post it as public post. The swish god is keeping receipts

Speaking of instagram, if you follow me there only to unfollow me two days later you will not be getting any follows from me. So don’t bother!


If you have any spills you’ve heard or read this week, share them in the comments!
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4 thoughts on “The Spill

  1. wow ! so excited to see your next post mister “famous hands” 🙂 so happy for you !
    i will be 24 in september but i already feel OLD !! i feel you 😀
    just got a copy of ” jerusalem” by sami tamimi and yotam ottolenghi , you should check it out asap!! xx

    Liked by 1 person

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