It’s Monday and it’s time for THE SPILL again!
Read along because this time the spill is so delicious and juicy


691CF880-EB8C-4FFB-B1BD-C594EBBA74D8-2.jpgThe Spill-03

  • I can’t believe I scheduled a meeting at 8 am on a Friday. I guess this is part of being 30!
  • Last week dragged SO LONG after the 4-day shooting weekend and the work that followed up until Saturday and that’s when I finally crashed.
  • Saturday was the day when I featured my brunch menu for hungry mouths that devoured and praised the colorful menu, in looks as well as flavors. Next time would be mid April. So mark your calendars!
  • My Sunday was spent in the West Bekaa. What a beautiful area, especially in the Spring and Fall. The foraging event I signed up for wasn’t up to my expectations in terms of organization, but it was ok.
  • Elle et Vire invited cooking instagrammers and blogger to their CSR and I was part of the invitees. Can you believe that? I got to meet some new cool bloggers, and finally put a face to the name of some nice bloggers, and got to connect with some that I haven’t seen or talked to in a while. You know yourselves, in case you bother and click the link 😝
  • Speaking of bloggers and instagrammers, I am always watching people’s posts and stories. I’m sure you follow more of them poeple than me. You should have noticed some patterns of inconsistenciy, redundancy, and inauthenticity from numerous accounts. That just makes me cringe like I’ve touched wet food at the bottom of the sink
  • This time I will be calling out “Influencer” behavior that is irritating to me because of the amount of deception and hypocrisy that goes into every post. This is my opinion and I take full responsibility for what I’m about to say.
    So go ahead and hate me for it already
  • I am sick of brands kissing up to poeple just for their 10K+ sticker on their profiles. FYI. Anyone can 💲💳💲 followers
  • I’m sick of influencers taking their followers as fools. We’ve all seen the product placement in music videos and we know it’s because Jennifer Lopez was paid to drink water from that soda can (no product placement here) on camera.
    Don’t tell us you’ve stumbled upon this brand video and decided to repost it and pay to promote the post when a dozen of other influencers is doing the same.
  • And can you please stop repeating the same post over and over? I know you’re paid to do that. But posting the same picture to promote the same post is just lazy. At least change something in it to fool us into thinking it is a new content.
    I’m one repeated-post away from following you.
  • This is not something I really care about, but I’m here to ask you for your opinion. When you work with someone (not the type of job where you have to see each other every single day) should you be expecting to follow each other? Or should one be enough with a one-sided follow? Tell me what you think about this “etiquitte” in the comments
  • Again, it baffles me how some call themselves foodies when they can barely know the difference between a lemon and an orange. True story. Bitch I walk with asparagus and fennel in my bag. And sometimes hot sauce 😉⚾️ just for the swag
  • THE SPILL this time came after the series of stories I shared (check them in my saved stories) while unboxing my Chateau St. Thomas gift box. For further clarification, that was not a paid promotion. This is my favorite wine. You know me. I’d say it out loud when something is a paid promotion or a brand collaboration or when something is a gift that I’m sharing. FYI, I bought 10 bottles all at once this month; the party is here!

That’s all I’m spiling this week. Let me know what you think and let’s spill some more next week! 🍷🍵

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2 thoughts on “The SPILL

  1. Hello … im a uni instructor who happens to be very much into food and cooking ! This is just a quick note to tell you that I always read your emails pleasurably and enthusiastically !! What I like about you is your interesting usage of sensory vocab whenever you write about food which is almost always :)! I’m able to savor whatever dish you’re simply writing about !!
    All the best from me


    • Hello
      I remember I took a class with you!
      I’m thrilled to know that you’re a fan of my blog and of my writing! It means I’ve got a good teacher 😉

      Thank you so much for your words


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