It’s Monday and it’s time for THE SPILL again!
Read along because this time the spill is so delicious and juicy


691CF880-EB8C-4FFB-B1BD-C594EBBA74D8-2.jpgThe Spill-03

  • I can’t believe I scheduled a meeting at 8 am on a Friday. I guess this is part of being 30!
  • Last week dragged SO LONG after the 4-day shooting weekend and the work that followed up until Saturday and that’s when I finally crashed. Continue reading

The start of something…delicious

I’m excited to start blogging. Food blogging I mean. I have been infrequently blogging at Cola W Calset about random things I like to share. But here, I will be sharing recipes, food photos, food and kitchen tips and food related posts.

Isn’t it wonderful to cook and bake? I find it challenging to experiment with recipes and make delicious food at home. Nothing can compete with the smell of real freshly baked goods. No, no product with “freshly baked” scent can come up against that. A crumbly cookie or a moist cupcake in your mouth is a valid proof.

I’ve been waiting for a long time for a right time to start a food blog. Turns out, there is no right time. I will start, and I will work hard on keeping it up. I’m passionate about food, and it’s time I share it with you.