The Spill

The spill hisham assaad - cookin5m2.jpg

  • It is a late spill today because my body is trying to procrastinate and prevent me from writing the spill I want to share.
    So I am obliging and listening to my body and postponing the heavy spill for next week where I’ll hopefully have more time to write it properly.
  • Speaking of procrastination, do you also feel that you leave important things till the last minute and only do it because you have to?
    I do. I did almost all my life.
  • Last week, I was so happy to be conducting two tours to Tripoli with two different couples. We’d drive there and walk around and eat and visit shops and take photos. That has been my favorite thing, apart from eating.
    In the past 15 days, I took 3 tours to Tripoli, and every single time, I would take my camera and spend the day snapping photos (as well as taking care of my guests) of the same places and each time I have an interesting set of photos that I am so happy with (but I still have to sort and edit (ugh) before I share)
  • Speaking of sorting and editing, the job I hate the most in my process of work is post-processing. This is the main reason why I am not doing video. I CAN BARELY keep up with photo processing.
    What is your process for managing such work?
  • Lately, I’ve been in the mood for creating. I’ve been getting fresh produce from Tripoli on my tours and testing them in delicious recipes that I’d shoot and will be sharing gradually (keeping a reserve for the months of April and May when I have some lots of work and probably won’t be cooking as much)
    It feels good to be this productive

The spill tripoli cookin5m2.JPG

  • After a surge of productivity, all I wanna do is stare blankly at my phone watching stupid people doing stupid things, knowing that it is not making me laugh.
  • While we’re at viral content, a comment caught my attention from someone who became “something” due to viral un-funny content who was praising a good quality food profile over 80% of those out there. AND I HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.YOU made THOSE happen. You created those monsters and told them their ugly close-ups of puke-resembling sandwich fillings in their hands with dirty nails look “delicious” and “yumm” and “wow”

  • In the spirit of a graffiti I saw on Facebook, “Take it down a notch with the compliments and get people to know they’re shit” I beg you to do the same. But if it is me in that case, I beg you to tell me when the work isn’t up to the level
    (Thank you Imad for ringing the alarm whenever I get too tabloid on here)
  • I am torn apart between replying to every ridiculous caption and photo from the few people I still follow out of courtesy and between not being part of their fake or forced interaction. But I need to speak my mind.

  • Just to make it clear I am not jealous of where they are. I don’t want to fake interest in brands. I opted to stay out of restaurant reviews integrity’s sake. I do not place myself in instagram pods because I don’t want to have shallow interactions and throw (and receive) fake comments for mediocre content.
    To say it again, I am back here for myself. I am enjoying the creation process and I am enjoying the things I share. I love my profile, I love the image that was created. I love the interactions I get from people who genuinely leave comments of support, and those who throw in a few random emojis to stay relevant 😂
  • Last week I shared a photo I styled and shot of a flavored greek yogurt dessert I received from a brand. Being a conscious eater, I made sure to read the ingredients and it’s not just yogurt and fruits as you’d expect. It is loaded with sugar and weirdly it has gelatin. I shared my opinion on the product under the photo that I’d rather have our Lebanese tangy yogurt with honey and fresh fruits instead.
    The brand page liked the photo. But do you think they will be sending me packages in the future? Would they sponsor an event in case I have one?
    What do you think?

What do you think about being honest and voice your opinion and about being very politically correct and diplomatic?

What do you think?

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