Test your kitchen skills: Mississippi Mud Pie

This has been lurking in my folders for almost a year now. I kept postponing it waiting for the right time. I’m still not sure it’s the right time, you know, you’ve probably eaten a little too much cookies and cakes during the holidays, but this recipe is a killer and MUST be shared regardless.
Mississippi Mud Pie_cookin5m2 coverWhat do I mean you heard I was threatened by 3 nutritionists I should post this ASAP? Of course not…
Oups. I shouldn’t have said that.
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Nestlé Toll House Chocolate Chip Cookies

Apart from what is going around in Lebanon, we try to stay calm and away from stress. I know I can’t do anything, but knowing of people fighting over silly issues is just absurd. Can’t we fight over what dressing goes with which salad or what frosting is best with a certain cupcake? I don’t recall any wars started over wanting to add ketchup to Italian pasta (Seriously though, don’t add ketchup.)

I try to take my mind off the tragic news because it would only make me upset. And when I’m upset, I tend to eat. Who am I kidding? Emotions for me are a reason to eat.

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The start of something…delicious

I’m excited to start blogging. Food blogging I mean. I have been infrequently blogging at Cola W Calset about random things I like to share. But here, I will be sharing recipes, food photos, food and kitchen tips and food related posts.

Isn’t it wonderful to cook and bake? I find it challenging to experiment with recipes and make delicious food at home. Nothing can compete with the smell of real freshly baked goods. No, no product with “freshly baked” scent can come up against that. A crumbly cookie or a moist cupcake in your mouth is a valid proof.

I’ve been waiting for a long time for a right time to start a food blog. Turns out, there is no right time. I will start, and I will work hard on keeping it up. I’m passionate about food, and it’s time I share it with you.