Coriander Roast Chicken with Potatoes in Fat Drippings

When you’re cooking as a day to day job, or should I say night to night?, your perception towards food is different. Sometimes nibbling on what your preparing is enough to keep you hanging till dinner service is done and you can actually sit down and have dinner from the food you prepared. As much as you love food, sometimes it gets to a point that you only need to eat for your body not to fail you. While on some days, you’re craving something so bad you won’t let the day end without having it.

Except when it’s a roast chicken.

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White Sandwich Bread Recipe #WIN

Let’s all rejoice!

I give you the rest of the week off. Just enjoy it.

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Marinated chicken in marinara sauce with coriander and garlic roasted vegetables

Marinated chicken in marinara sauce with coriander and garlic roasted vegetables

Marinated chicken in marinara sauce with coriander and garlic roasted vegetables

I’m not a health freak. Let’s clear that up upfront.

I haven’t studied anything related to food or health. Unless you count reading food blogs and food-related articles. It’s only passion that drives me to cook/bake and blog.

Therefore I’m not going to tell you to eat this and don’t eat that. We can eat whatever we feel like. The trick is moderation & enjoyment. Like, I’ve had cholesterol sticks the other day, fried cheese rolls. They were delicious. I enjoyed them. I didn’t starve myself afterwards, and I didn’t think how shall I burn those calories. I indulged in that stick and allowed it to crunch under my teeth and let its hot filling ooze in my mouth. In addition, whenever I feel like it, and I know I haven’t had lots of fatty food during the day (you see what I did there? Moderation) I treat myself with a chocolate cupcake and let its creamy frosting stick to the bottom of my mustache.

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