35 Things You Need in The Kitchen & Green Shakshouka with Kale and Fresh Peas

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New to the kitchen?

Jealous of all the delicious things you see online and you want to make them too?

Here is a list of things your kitchen should have to be able to cook basic food:

Stovetop and Oven

Obviously! Unless you are into rubbing two stones over a stack of hay , or have a wood-fired stove in your backyard (which would be excellent TBH)
And oven obviously for cakes and casseroles first!
You’ll also need casserole dish, baking sheet, and cake pans

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Superfood Salad: Quinoa, Kale and Asparagus

I am using the title for the catchy effect it has. I don’t believe in superfood. I believe in super advertisement for a product that elevates it into a supernatural status. When will a time come that butter will be considered as superfood?

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Souk El Tayeb, Asparagus Kale Breakfast, and Beirut Madinati

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With the Lebanese municipal elections happening by the end of this week, the most brutal fight is happening in Beirut. Two opposing groups are leading the match: a group of fresh-face individuals against political enemies who joint forces to fight the liberals bringing change. I am aware how the political game here goes; promises promises, buy votes, win, keep doing the same old shit you’ve been doing. This has kept things the way they are for a long time with corrupt people in leading positions. But this new group; Beirut Madinati, is giving us a ray of hope and is performing the push needed to seriously poke politicians where it hurts. If they win, this will definitely be a change.

I don’t vote in Beirut, but I support Beirut Madinati. I support them because of the individuals themselves and their backgrounds, the program they present, and the actions they have done so far. I even know about Beirut Madinati more than I know about the municipality where I’m supposed to vote. I wish I do vote in Beirut to elect a group who actually know what they’re doing. I hope they’d be able to bring back Beirut to Lebanese, not just Beirutis, and definitely not Kahlijis. Continue reading